VMAC Product Warranty Policies & Registration

VMAC LIFETIMELifetime Air-End Warranty Policy

VMAC rotary screw air compressor systems are known around the world for their performance and reliability; because of this second-to-none quality, VMAC backs its compressors with a Lifetime Warranty.

What is covered?

VMAC rotary screw air compressors are warranted to be free of VMAC manufacturer defects in material and workmanship. The VMAC Lifetime Warranty is applicable to new VMAC Underhood, Hydraulic driven, PTO driven, Diesel engine driven and Gas engine driven Air Compressors and Multifunction Power Systems shipped on or after October 1, 2015.

How long does coverage last?

Coverage lasts for the lifetime of the air compressor. Coverage ends when the air compressor is made unusable for reasons other than workmanship or material defects.

How do I qualify for this warranty?

To qualify for the warranty, the product must be registered in the VMAC warranty registration program in the first 200 hours of use or within three months of installation, whichever occurs first. Proper maintenance of the system is required as well, and VMAC reserves the right to ask for proof of purchase of service kits and/or a completed logbook. For convenience, there is a logbook at the back of the owner’s manual. Maintenance and servicing must be done in accordance with the Product(s) Owner’s Manual.


How will VMAC fix any problems?

VMAC will fix or replace any compressor that breaks down due to a manufacturer defect. Any problems must be reported to VMAC within 10 days of initial discovery. If required by VMAC, compressors must be sent to a facility designated by VMAC within 30 days of discovery. Whether the compressor is fixed or replaced is at VMAC’s discretion.

If a replacement is required, you purchase it from your dealer, VMAC then credits the dealer, and the dealer in turn credits your account.

What is not covered by this warranty?

Failure or breakdown due to misuse, abuse, or normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. VMAC shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages.

Note: Some areas do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary, from state to state, province to province, or country to country.

What is considered normal wear and tear?

VMAC air compressors are often subject to extremely harsh environmental conditions and demanding applications. In the course of use in these conditions, and those that are less severe, VMAC products will experience normal wear and tear, at which time the compressor will require servicing. Normal wear and tear is not covered under the Lifetime Warranty. However, it is our goal that you get your product up and running again as soon as possible. To support that goal, we offer a wide range of products to help you service your air compressor system regularly.

For a list of VMAC dealers who will help you service your system, please visit our dealer locator at http://vmacair.com/dealer-locator/.

For a list of available service kits and service schedules please visit http://vmacair.com/service-kits/


It is our experience that a product that fails prematurely due to a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, will generally do so very early in the product’s life cycle, often the first or second time the product is used. When returned for inspection, these products are generally found to still be in like new condition and show very little signs of use. It is uncommon for a product that was manufactured with a defect, to survive under normal use for any extended period of time. Products that are returned for warranty inspection after months or years of continuous reliable service are rarely found to be defective. The most common demand for service is the result of normal wear and tear issues, which are not considered to be a defect in materials or workmanship.

DOWNLOAD – VMAC Air-End Lifetime Warranty Policy

Standard Product Warranty

VMAC Warranty Policy is for the following products:

  • PREDATAIR Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor Systems
  • RAPTAIR Engine Driven Air Compressor and Multi-Function Systems
  • OEM Air Compressor Systems
  • Throttle Commander
  • DTM Air Compressor Systems

DOWNLOAD – VMAC Warranty Policy

Lincoln Air Vantage Warranty

The Lincoln Air Vantage 500 welder is warranted for three years by Lincoln Electric. The engine and compressor are warranted separately by the manufacturers. Below is the VMAC Air Compressor Warranty.

DOWNLOAD – VMAC Lincoln Warranty

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