UNDERHOOD Air Compressor System


Free Up Space – Maximize Payload

VMAC’s UNDERHOOD air compressor systems provide the proven performance of 70CFM or 150 CFM and 175 PSI. With 100% duty cycle and air on demand, the lightweight, rotary-screw designs are conveniently mounted underhood, saving valuable cargo and work space or the need to tow a trailer and deliver the power, payload, and performance you need. Fits most popular work trucks.

  • up to 70CFM or 150CFM, 175PSI
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Zero footprint on the vehicle body
  • Easy start-up, use and maintenance
  • Extreme temperature performance



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What matters most you to in your air compressor? Power, performance and duty cycle? Safety? Fuel savings? The lightweight VMAC UNDERHOOD rotary screw air compressor system fits under the hood of your work truck, freeing up valuable space, providing you with the compact power you need.

The VMAC UNDERHOOD is the world's most compact truck mounted mobile air compressor with almost 20 years history. Its success comes from the unique technology that integrates the compressor onto the truck's engine to build massive air and free up the truck's cargo space.

You will be faster and more efficient on your jobsite like never before!



View the UNDERHOOD applications VMAC has available.

Compressor Type:Belt Driven, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw
Rated Air Capacity:Up to 70CFM or 150CFM and up to 175PSI
Weight (wet):VR70 ~ 150lbs (68 kg) or VR150 ~ 200lbs (90 kg)
Bracket:Lightweight cast aluminum design, application engineered, easy installation
Air / Oil Separator Tank:Lightweight aluminum, mounts along frame rail
Cooler:Liquid to liquid or air to liquid, depending on the system.
Throttle Control:Adjusts engine speed automatically to match air demand
Display and Controls:LCD display; service notifications, error messages and system temperature
Safety Features:Vehicle drive disable circuit on throttle control, park brake safety shut-off switch on control box, automatic rapid blow-down valve on tank, 200PSI pressure relief valve on tank, electric clutch on compressor
Warranty:Two years on all major components

100% Duty Cycle
VMAC’s powerful rotary screw compressor provides continuous high volume air to run a wide range of pneumatic tools including impact wrenches, grinders, pavement breakers, air guns and post pounders. The UNDERHOOD is perfect for mechanic’s trucks, tire service trucks, and road maintenance vehicles.
High Performance in Extreme Weather Conditions
The UNDERHOOD is the best-performing air compressor on the market in extreme hot and cold climates. It is engineered specifically to handle temperatures other compressors breakdown in. They can be found in the Australian Outback and the Alaskan Slope.
Free Up Space – Maximize Payload
The VMAC UNDERHOOD air compressor system is fully integrated with your truck’s engine, eliminating a second engine and decreasing maintenance costs. It also piggybacks on your truck’s cooling system, so there is no need for extra fluids. The UNDERHOOD leaves no footprint in your vehicle’s cargo area, freeing up space for transportation, tools and equipment.
Make Operations Safer
No need to perch precariously in the back of truck when using the VMAC UNDERHOOD. It keeps boots on the ground and workers safer.

VR Rotary Screw Compressor
Small, light and very powerful. Rotary screw compressors deliver more air than older, reciprocating piston style compressors. 100% duty cycle means more uptime. Driven by your truck’s engine gives you the advantage of not having to bring extra fuel to the job site, or maintain and insure a separate trailer just for your air needs.
Drive System
The compressor is driven by its own serpentine belt. The drive system is mounted forward of the OEM belt and uses idlers and tensioners to exacting tolerances. OEM drive systems have limited capacity for further horsepower draws and add side-loading to aftermarket pulleys. The VR drive system is designed specifically to match the horsepower and alignment of the compressor.
Air/Oil Separator Tank
Required to separate compressor oil from compressed air, the tank mounts safely to your truck’s frame rail. There is no need to mount a bulky receiver tank that takes up payload.
Oil Cooler
Liquid to liquid or air to liquid, depending on the system. The compressor cooler mounts in the engine compartment and out of the way.
Engine Speed/Throttle Control
The system uses an engine speed control that automatically adjusts engine RPM to respond to air consumption demand. This control device provide the following benefits:
- instant response to air flow demands
- reduction of standby noise
- reduction of cooling system load
- fuel conservation when not using air

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A list of the different vehicles VMAC's UNDERHOOD Air Compressor System can be installed on.
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VMAC Accessories
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VMAC strives to provide the best warranty service in the industry to give you the peace of mind you need. Specifically, the UNDERHOOD Air Compressor system is supported by VMAC’s Lifetime Warranty* on the air end.

*For more information about VMAC's Lifetime Warranty Policy, please visit www.vmacair.com/lifetime-warranty