UNDERHOOD LITE Air Compressor System

Compact, Powerful, Safe and Efficient

If you could safely and easily equip your commercial van and Ford 6.7L truck with an air compressor that is easy to use, frees up valuable storage space, eliminates damage to the vehicle, and keeps up with the work you do, what would you do?

The VMAC UNDERHOOD LITE air compressor system moves the compressor from inside the van body and mounts it under the hood of your vehicle.

  • up to 30CFM, 150PSI
  • 100% Duty Cycle
  • Free Up Your Cargo Space
  • Make Operations Safe
  • Lower Operational Costs


The Lightest & Most Compact 30 CFM Onboard Air Compressor

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The LITE compressor mounts under the hood of your van. To operate, simply shift your van into park and engage the parking brake. With the engine idling, a simple on/off switch turns on the compressor system. Once on, an electric clutch engages on the compressor, the engine idles up, and the rotary screw compressor delivers a steady, continuous flow of air to your tools.

The WHASP Tank is an integrated cooler/tank that mounts in the cargo area on your van. An air/oil mixture is thrust from the compressor to the WHASP Tank that both cools the air/oil mixture, and separates and then recirculates the oil back to the compressor. The compressed air flows continuously to our auxiliary air receiver tank and onto your air tools.

Compressor Type:Belt Driven, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw
Rated Air Capacity:30CFM @ 100PSI (150PSI Max.)
Weight (wet):Approx. 85lbs (38.5 kg)
WHASP TankCombined oil cooler and air/oil separator tank
WHASP Dimensions17.5" (h) x 8.0" (w) x 19.5" (l), including oil filter
Bracket:Application engineered, easy installation
Throttle Control:Two speed operation (base and elevated idle)
Display and Controls:Easy to read hour meter, high idle speed adjustment
Safety Features:Compressor thermal protection circuit
Automatic rapid blow-down valve on tank
200 psi overpressure safety valve
Parking brake must be engaged and truck must be in park for the system to start
Electric clutch on compressor

Handle Any of Your Compressed Air Needs
The powerful LITE air compressor provides 30CFM and up to 150PSI of air, easily handling any job. 100% duty cycle means you will never run out of air while using your 1/2” impact wrench. The controls are easy to use. An automatic pressure switch engages the custom Ogura clutch on the compressor when the system is building air, and disengages the clutch when it reaches pressure.
Free Up Your Cargo Space
The space saving LITE air compressor is mounted under the hood of your van and is belt driven to the front of the van's engine.  The powerful rotary screw air compressor reduces the need for a large air reservoir tank.   Plus, the super compact dimensions and lightweight design maximizes carrying capacity and available cargo space on your van.
Make Operations Safe
The safe LITE air compressor eliminates the need to run gas engine powered air compressors in the back of your van.  This prevents exhaust emissions that are harmful to drivers and operators.  Refueling gas tanks over a hot muffler inside a van is dangerous.  Excessive heat generated by the compressor's engine operating inside the van can also cause damage to the side panels
Lower Operational Costs
The affordable LITE air compressor delivers the ROI you require. With patented rotary screw technology, productivity can be improved by reducing the amount of time operators are waiting for air pressure to build.  Get jobs done faster and get customers back to work with the UNDERHOOD LITE air compressor system.

RAM Promaster VansFORD Transit VansMercedes-Benz
Sprinter Vans

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Choosing an Air Compressor for your Commercial Van
Air Compressors In Commercial VansAll-new commercial van models have entered or will soon be entering the North American market.
These vans are causing fleet managers to take a fresh approach to different application
possibilities including: plumbers, handymen, construction contractors, mobile mechanics, and mobile
tire service technicians.

One common issue fleet managers have had with their fleets of commercial vans have been with the on board air compressor. This is no longer the case!

To learn which types of new on board air compressors are available, download our FREE white paper.

Please fill out the following form if you would like to request a quote or schedule a demo of the UNDERHOOD LITE or receive our "Choosing an Air Compressor for your Commercial Van" Whitepaper.