RAPTAIR-G30 Gas Drive Air Compressor System

The RAPTAIR-G30 gas drive air compressor is not only half the price of other rotary screw air compressors, it is also price-competitive with similar CFM reciprocating compressors. VMAC is able to provide this price benefit thanks to our highly skilled North America trained manufacturing experts who continue to evolve our lean manufacturing activities.

G30 Gas Drive Air Compressor
G30 Gas Drive Air Compressor Install
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30 CFM. 100% of the time. 1
This powerful rotary screw gas drive air compressor ensures your machine works as fast as you do.  With VMAC’s rotary screw technology, you never have to wait for an air tank to fill.  That means you can get your jobs done faster, without interruption.

Save up to 4% in fuel. 2
VMAC’s lightweight rotary screw gas drive air compressor cuts down on compressor weight, and in turn vehicle weight, by as much as 200lbs.  By reducing your GVW, you’ll save up to 4% in fuel costs.  Optimize your fleet with the lightest gas drive air compressor in its class.

Free up 15FT3 on your truck body.3
VMAC’s compact rotary screw air compressor package helps make room for hauling more tools, equipment and materials.  With 15 cubic feet of additional space, your trucks will be more organized and easier to load and unload. This small air compressor is big on air power.

1Based on ASME CFM flow tests of the G30 gas drive air compressor.

2Based on calculations from the Environmental Protection Agency.

3Based on comparisons between the G30 cubic dimensions and the average cubic dimensions of comparable 22-30 CFM reciprocating gas drive air compressors, with a 30-gallon air receiver tank.

Compressor Type:Belt Driven, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw
Rated Air Capacity:30CFM @ 100PSI (150PSI Max.)
Engine:Subaru EX40 14HP gasoline OHC engine, electric start. EPA and CARB-compliant, Subaru approved application
Weight (wet):Approx. 205lbs (93kg)
Dimensions20.7” (h) x 20.3” (w) x 33.5”(l)
Mounting Plate:14.0” (w) x 25.0" (l)
Decibels (dB) @ 20 feet:75-84dB
Fuel Tank Capacity:1.8 gallons
Safety Features:Compressor thermal protection circuit
Automatic rapid blow-down valve on tank
200PSI pressure relief valve

System Components

Air Compressor
100% duty cycle VMAC rotary screw, 30CFM@100PSI. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty*

*For more information about VMAC's Lifetime Warranty Policy, please visit www.vmacair.com/lifetime-warranty.

Subaru EX40 14HP gasoline OHC engine, Subaru 5-Year Warranty
Patented integrated oil/air separator and air/oil cooler
Throttle Control
Controlled by system air pressure, idles up/down automatically with air demand
Drive System
Gearless, clutchless, auto-tensioned serpentine belt, aluminum belt-guard
Decreases engine load, lowers sound levels, reduces fuel use and engine wear
ACDelco 12V, 250CCA, 310CA
Ball Valve
1/2" NPT Discharge Ball Valve

Optional Equipment

Low Profile Air Receiver Tanks
Dual 6-gallon air receiver tanks with G30 mounting frame that includes gauge, fittings, hose, and valves.
(Adds 8" to height and 70lbs (32kg) to weight)
Cold Climate Kit
Heats up the G30 on the way to the jobsite. Required in below freezing temperatures

Remote Control Panel
Remote panel with 10 foot extension for key switch, hour meter, and choke

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VMAC strives to provide the best warranty service in the industry to give you the peace of mind you need. Specifically, RAPTAIR-G30 is supported by VMAC’s Lifetime Warranty* on the air end and Subaru's 5-Year warranty on the engine.*

*For more information about VMAC's Lifetime Warranty Policy, please visit www.vmacair.com/lifetime-warranty

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