PREDATAIR Hydraulic Air Compressor System

The lightest hydraulic deck mount air compressor available
The VMAC PREDATAIR is a hydraulic driven deck mounted rotary screw air compressor built for the modern work truck. When space is at a premium and weight savings is a priority, the choice of upfitters is the smallest and lightest hydraulic deck mount compressor available. The PREDATAIR is designed to work in the most extreme climate conditions, with built-in protection to operate anywhere you work. VMAC offers two models that provide a CFM range of 25-60 CFM of continuous air output, 100% duty cycle.

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Decrease GVW by 260lbs. 1
Every pound matters on your work truck. VMAC’s lightweight rotary screw hydraulic driven air compressor cuts down on compressor weight, and in turn vehicle weight, by as much as 260lbs. With an extra 260lbs of GVW available, your truck will be able to carry more materials, equipment, or passengers.

Save up to 5% in fuel.2
Optimize your fleet with the lightest hydraulic deck mount air compressor in its class. By reducing your GVW by as much as 260lbs, you’ll save up to 5% in fuel costs.

Free up 6 cubic feet on your truck body. 3
Get a powerful air compressor that is big on space savings. VMAC’s compact rotary screw air compressor package helps make room for hauling more tools, equipment and materials. Or, it simply makes your truck appear more organized. With up to 6 cubic feet of additional space, the choice is yours.

Easy to operate
How easy? Simply press the on/off button on the digital display box. The control system will take care of the rest! The display will show the system status and if something isn’t right, it will tell you. When you stop using air for any reason, the PREDATAIR goes into Standby Mode. This means essentially it is off, but ready to start up automatically the moment you need air. 4

1Based on weight comparisons between the VMAC PREDATAIR40 and another leading 40 CFM hydraulic deck mount air compressor.

2 Based on calculations from the Environmental Protection Agency. Up to 2% savings in fuel, per hundred pounds of vehicle weight. Based on weight comparisons between the VMAC PREDATAIR40 and the leading 40 CFM hydraulic deck mount air compressor.

3 Based on size comparisons between the VMAC PREDATAIR40 and the leading 40 CFM hydraulic deck mount air compressor.

4 Assuming proper safety conditions are in place: truck is parked safely and PTO engaged.

Compressor Type:Direct drive, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw, 100% duty cycle
Rated Air Capacity:25-40 CFM (0.7-1.13 m3/min) at 150 psi
40-60 CFM (1.13-1.7 m3/min) at 150 psi
Weight (dry):150lbs (68 kg)
160lbs (73 kg)
Dimensions:16.5”(w) x 24.0” (l) x 18.0”(h) (42cm (w) x 61cm (l) x 46cm (h))
Cooler:Integrated hydraulic / compressor oil cooler
Hydraulic Flow Required 9-12 GPM (34-46 LPM)
14-21 GPM (53-80 LPM)
Hydraulic Pressure at Full Load 2,345 psi (162 bar)
2,450 psi (169 bar)
a 3,000 psi hydraulic pump is recommended
Hydraulic Connections #12 ORB Inlet, # 16 ORB Outlet
Electrical Input 10A @ 12V (nominal) - 30A fuse or breaker required
Safety SystemsHigh temperature shutdown
Cold start protection
200 psi air pressure relief valve
Automatic air pressure blowdown
Air system one-way check valve
2,800 psi hydraulic pressure relief valve
Hydraulic cooler bypass check valve
WarrantyTwo years on all major components. VMAC air ends are covered by VMAC's Lifetime Warranty*

*For more information about VMAC's warranty Policy, please visit
Air Receiver Tank (not included)Minimum 5 gallon (150 psi) required for proper operation of all functions


VMAC rotary screw, 100% duty cycle, 40-60CFM @ 150psi, VMAC Lifetime Warranty*
Controls system operation and stored settings

Fan turns on/off automatically to cool oil
Controls ow of hydraulic oil through the system

Separates and removes compressor oil from air system
LCD for on/o controls, observing system status, and adjusting parameters
*For more information about VMAC's Lifetime Warranty Policy, please visit

Optional Equipment

Fully automated manifold heater block; recommended for extreme cold climates (-15°C / 5°F)
Required for installing the PREDATAIR on Variable Displacement Hydraulic Systems

Allows for an easier and more rigid installation
12V activated oil cooler; recommended for high duty cycle applications in extreme hot climates (+37°C / 100°F)

Bid Specs - Pred40Download
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VMAC provides the best warranty service in the industry, giving you the peace of mind you need when making a capital investment. The air end of the PREDATAIR is supported by VMAC’s lifetime warranty and the rest of the major components in the compressor system are covered by VMAC’s standard two-year product warranty. The warranties combined ensure you do not have to worry about your product, and VMAC’s friendly tech support team is available to answer any questions you may have.

To qualify for the Lifetime Warranty, the system must receive regular maintenance. Please visit our warranty page for more information.