DTM PTO Driven Air Compressor

The VMAC DTM70 is a PTO driven direct transmission mounted rotary screw air compressor, the first of its kind on the market. It mounts directly to the PTO on the transmission of any 4WD or 2WD Ford Super Duty F250-F550 truck with 6.7L Power Stroke diesel. It has all the benefits of a traditional under deck, without the installation hassles – no transfer case modifications, no drive shafts, and no warranty concerns.

DMT70 PTO Driven Air Compressor
DMT70 PTO Driven Air Compressor
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VMAC Lifetime Warranty

70 CFM. 100% of the time. 1
The VMAC DTM70 will reduce your job times significantly. With up to 70 CFM and up to 175psi at 100% duty cycle, you will never wait for air again. Your air tool’s performance and operator’s experience will be the only thing governing your job completion time.

Reduce commercial tire change-overs by 45 minutes.2
The powerful VMAC rotary screw air compressor ensures your machine works as fast as you do. Because you never have to wait for air, you can just work. And with up to 70 CFM available continuously you have enough air power to simultaneously fill a tire and remove lug nuts from another tire at the same time. Get your jobs done faster. Get your customers back on the road faster. Get more jobs done in a day.

50% faster install time on Ford diesel trucks.3
Traditional under deck air compressors for Ford Super Duty diesel trucks are extremely heavy, have suspect ground clearance, require additional sourcing of components, and installations are very complicated, taking upwards of 40 hours. And, in the case of Ford Super Duty 4x4 trucks, requires the modification of the Ford transfer case.

The VMAC DTM70 provides you with the same under deck convenience, but without the extreme installation time and headaches. With all necessary components included in the mounting kit, installations can be completed in as little as 12-14 hours.

Easy to operate
How easy? Simply press the on/off button on the digital control box. The control system will take care of the rest! If something isn’t right, the display box will tell you. 4

1Based on ASME flow test, rated performance of DTM70 air compressor.

2Based on information provided by tire change professionals.

3Compared to installation times of leading UNDERHOOD air compressors (24-30 Hours) and UNDER-DECK air compressors (24-40 Hours) on Ford Diesel trucks.

4Assuming proper safety conditions are in place: truck parked safely, parking brake engaged, and truck engine at operating temperature.

Compressor Type:PTO driven, direct transmission mounted, 100% duty cycle, VMAC oil-injected rotary screw with integrated heater
PTOCHELSEA ® 249 Series PTO, electrically actuated, PTO indicator lamp
Rated Air Capacity:Up to 70 CFM and up to 175psi
Weight (wet):Approx. 150lbs (68kg)
Air/Oil Separator TankLightweight aluminum, mounts along frame rail, integrated blowdown cap
Cooler Liquid to liquid, mounts below radiator
Throttle ControlAdjusts speed automatically to match air demand
Display and ControlsLCD display, service notifications, error messages and system temperature
Safety Features:Vehicle drive disable circuit on throttle control, park brake safety shut-off switch on control box, automatic rapid blow-down valve on tank, 200psi pressure relief valve on tank, automatic compressor warming function, and compressor over-temp sensor
Please note: The DTM70 requires a truck with a PTO port on the transmission. Please ensure the truck is ordered with this option.

System Components

Air Compressor
VMAC 100% duty cycle rotary screw compressor, driven off an included PTO, directly mounted to the truck’s transmission. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty*

*For more information about VMAC's Lifetime Warranty Policy, please visit www.vmacair.com/lifetime-warranty.

Digital control box and throttle control mount in the cab, automatically idles up the truck engine to match air demand, automatically warms compressor as needed
Air / Oil Separator Tank
Separates compressor oil from compressed air and mounts safely to the truck’s frame rail
Liquid to liquid cooler integrates into truck’s cooling system and mounts under the radiator
Mechanical Regulator
Remotely mounted on the firewall in the engine compartment for easy
access for setup/adjustment
Remote Heavy Duty Air Filter
Remotely installed on truck for easy accessibility
Automated heater integrated into the compressor housing for cold climate operation, heats up the compressor on the way to the job site
CHELSEA ® 249 Series PTO
Unique patent pending design that provides best in class noise reduction and unprecedented torque capacity of 200 Ft. Lbs.

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VMAC provides the best warranty service in the industry, giving you the peace of mind you need when making a capital investment. The air end of the DTM70 is supported by VMAC’s lifetime warranty and the rest of the major components in the compressor system are covered by VMAC’s standard two-year product warranty. The warranties combined ensure you do not have to worry about your product, and VMAC’s friendly tech support team is available to answer any questions you may have.

To qualify for the Lifetime Warranty, the system must receive regular maintenance. Please visit our warranty page for more information.