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VMAC Vehicle Mounted Air Compressors

VMAC is an award-winning, world-leader in the development of compact, powerful truck mounted mobile air compressor solutions used for service trucks, public works, utilities and highway/heavy construction.

Underhood Newsletter

UNDERHOOD Air Compressor Systems

The ultimate in space savings! 70 and 150 CFM models designed for common North American Work Trucks. Find out how this revolutionary system can help you.


Hydraulic Above Deck Compressors

The latest advancement in Hydraulic Above Deck Compressors. Up to 40 CFM or 60 CFM and 150 PSI, only 150 pounds (dry) in a very compact package. Find out more about the product the industry is calling revolutionary.


RAPTAIR-MF Multifunction Diesel Drive

The Ultimate “Utility Belt”! The RAPTAIR-MF provides compressed air, AC generator, welder, battery charger, booster, hydraulic capabilities, and auto shutdown.


RAPTAIR60 Diesel Drive Air Compressor

The RAPTAIR is VMAC’s Stand-Alone Diesel Drive Air Compressor. Read more about the current 60 CFM offering.

Accessory Products

VMAC Accessory Products

VMAC supports their products with a complete line of accessories for mobile air compressor and multifunction systems.

Specialty Systems

Specialty Systems

VMAC provides unique systems for very specific customers and applications. Need air for your application? Contact VMAC with your information and we can look into providing a solution.


Lincoln Air Vantage

Lincoln’s answer to your welding needs. The Air Vantage 500 provides a welder, generator and VMAC air compressor. Find out more.

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