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VMAC’s UNDERHOOD air compressor systems provide the proven performance of 70 or 150CFM and 175 PSI. With 100% duty cycle and air on demand, the lightweight, rotary-screw designs are conveniently mounted underhood, saving valuable cargo and work space or the need to tow a trailer and deliver the power, payload, and performance you need. Fits most popular work trucks.

Also available: The UNDERHOOD 70-G for the Ford 6.7L Powerstroke diesel pickup. Featuring VMAC’s state-of-the-art Intelligent Digital Controls, this advanced air compressor system is smart enough to turn the truck off when air is not being used and then turn the truck back on when air is needed again! Additional applications are to be announced.

VMAC’s UNDERHOOD product line covers a wide range of model years, and tucks neatly into the truck engine saving on work space while helping you save money.

RAM® Hemi UNDERHOOD system now available for order

System at a Glance
  • 70 and 150 cfm systems available
  • Up to 175 psi
  • Fits most popular work trucks
  • Smallest and highest output in its class
  • Air-on-demand technology
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Mounts UNDERHOOD
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Complete system includes: belt-driven rotary screw air compressor, drive system, air/oil separator tank, oil cooler and throttle control
  • Available for most makes of popular light & medium duty trucks.
70-G System at a Glance
  • 70cfm and up to 175 psi
  • VMAC’s Intelligent Digital Controls
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Decreases engine operating hours
  • Lowers truck emissions
  • Reduces noise levels
  • Cuts life cycle costs
VR Rotary Screw Compressor

Small, light and very powerful. Rotary screw compressors deliver more air than older, reciprocating piston style compressors. 100% duty cycle means more uptime. Driven by your truck’s engine gives you the advantage of not having to bring extra fuel to the job site, or maintain and insure a separate trailer just for your air needs.

Drive System

The compressor is driven by its own serpentine belt. The drive system is mounted forward of the OEM belt and uses idlers and tensioners to exacting tolerances. OEM drive systems have limited capacity for further horsepower draws and add side-loading to aftermarket pulleys. The VR drive system is designed specifically to match the horsepower and alignment of the compressor.

Air/Oil Separator Tank

Required to separate compressor oil from compressed air, the tank mounts safely to your truck’s frame rail. There is no need to mount a bulky receiver tank that takes up payload.

Oil Cooler

Liquid to liquid or air to liquid, depending on the system. The compressor cooler mounts in the engine compartment and out of the way.


    • Output70cfm or 150cfm and up to 175 psi
    • WeightApprox. 150 lbs (VR70) or 200 lbs (VR150)
    • CompressorOil-flooded rotary screw
    • DimensionsVR70 - 7.0" (w) x 11.0" (l) x 6.5" (h), VR150 - 9.0" (w) x 13.75" (l) x 7.5" (h)
    • BracketLightweight cast aluminum design, application engineered, easy installation
    • Air/Oil Separator Tank Lightweight aluminum, mounts along frame rail.VR70 - 6.0" (d) x 31.0" (l), VR150 - 8.75" (d) x 31.0" (l)
    • Oil Cooler Liquid to liquid. Mounts below radiator.VR70 - 4.25" (w) x 9.0" (l) x 3.5" (h), VR150 - 5.6" (w) x 12.1" (l) x 4.6" (h)
    • Throttle ControlAdjusts engine speed automatically to match air demand
    • Display and ControlsLCD display; service notifications, fault identification and system temperature
    • Safety Features Vehicle drive disable circuit on throttle control Park brake safety shut-off switch on control box Automatic rapid blow-down valve on tank 200 psi pressure relief valve on tank Electric clutch on compressor
    • System Design & Testing Up to 2000 hrs of durability and life testing on new designs.Each system is subjected to performance and durability testing. Key components are subjected to computerized stress and vibration testing.Final belt alignment is checked by laser alignment.


Additional 70-G Features & Specifications

  • Standby ModeAutomatic (adjustable). Engine off at 1 additional minutes with no air use.    Engine on with air use.  Low battery restart. Internal cab temperature restart.
  • Adjustable ParametersDigital setup on computer display box
  • Air Receiver TankMin. 5 Gal recommended for advanced functionality

"Tire installs are a lot quicker because I don't have to wait for air.  I used to get 1 or 2 lug nuts off, then I would have to wait a couple of minutes for the air compressor to build air.   Now I don't have to wait.  My VMAC air compressor keeps up with anything I'm doing, I can't outwork it.  It helps me get my job done fast so I can quickly move on to my next job and get home before dark."
-----Highway Tire, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

"The UNDERHOOD handles everything - it takes care of every tool without any other piece of equipment needed to run it...anywhere we go, we can take it with us - even the most remote areas we need to work...put simply, how had we ever gone without it?"  -----Double D Land Clearing, Crystal City, Texas

"Since becoming a VMAC Dealer, Reading Equipment & Distribution, Inc. has had incredible success with the UNDERHOOD Compressor family manufactured by VMAC. Our sales people, installation technicians and our customers believe fully in the Product as it continues to perform without failure under the most extreme work environments. Our VMAC customer base ranges from construction, excavation, mining, tire service, railroad, public utility, municipal/political subdivisions and even fire rescue squads. The Product’s value is further enhanced by VMAC’s steadfast dedication and support to its Dealers. I consider VMAC to be a core Product offering for Reading Equipment & Distribution, Inc. and we look forward to many years of success with this innovative and virtually trouble-free UNDERHOOD Air Compressor System." -----Kris Ziegler, Sr. Sales Manager of Specialty Equipment at Reading Equipment & Distribution, Inc.

"For the past several years we have used the VMAC screw compressor. This compressor has been very reliable and produces a high volume that we need for our air tooling. Also the relative weight savings from the reduced size and we do not need as large of a storage tank with the rotary screw. I believe that the rotary is a better product that the piston compressor that it replaced " -----Dave Podulsky, Finning Power Systems

"Puget Sound Energy is a gas and electrical provider with a fleet of 1200 vehicles. We started using VMAC compressors about 6 years ago to eliminate our need to tow compressors. We had them installed on Ford chassis with 7.3 diesel. We currently have 19 units on 7.3 and 16 on the new 6.0 diesel. VMAC and Pacific Utility, the company that installed them have taken care of any warranty issues in a very proficient manner. On the first units with the 6.0 diesel, we experienced a pulley problem and within a day of discovering the problems, VMAC engineers flew to our place of business and had a fix before the end of the day. We have not experienced any other problems with the units. You are very welcome to call and talk to me about the VMAC, we are very happy with the product." -----Sherri Koens, Puget Sound Energy

"Nor-Mar Industries Ltd. has been a VMAC distributor since 1999. Over the last 5 years sales of our product have gone up and the VMAC compressor is partially responsible for this...Through the years, Nor-Mar and VMAC have had our growing pains, as most companies do, but VMAC has always been there for us...The biggest hurdle for VMAC is keeping up with the constant engine and engine compartment changes. The engineering department has always been receptive to us and have worked with us...Shipping of product is always on time as promised...VMAC always stands behind their product." -----Jim Tilitzky, Nor-Mar Industries Ltd

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