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RAPTAIR60 Diesel Drive

Raptair-6aVMAC’s RAPTAIR is a compact, powerful air compressor delivering 60 CFM at 100 psi. Created specifically for the mobile market, the RAPTAIR monitors air usage and turns itself off when you are doing work without air tools, saving on fuel costs as well as reducing your carbon footprint. The advanced control systems automatically recognizes when you are using air again and re-starts the engine and compressor, without you having to do anything but use your equipment.

Designed to be as light as possible while still delivering the performance you need, the RAPTAIR Rotary Screw technology delivers air-on-demand up to 100% duty cycle and packs the muscle to power up to a 60LB jackhammer or a 1″ impact wrench.

Turn your system on and off automatically! When your tool needs air it’s there. No tool use? The system shuts off on its own.

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System at a Glance

  • Air on demand (the engine, too!)
  • True 60 CFM
  • Cold and hot weather control protection
  • Kubota diesel engine
  • 2-year limited warranty

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    • Air CompressorDirect driven, 100% duty cycle. Oil-injected rotary screw air compressor
    • Air FlowTrue 60 CFM @ 100 psi (150 psi Max)
    • EngineKubota Diesel Tier 4 final compliant
    • Weight (Wet)Approximately 450 LBS (204 KG)
    • Dimensions18" (w) x 34.5" (l) x 28" (h) - with fuel tank add 4.6" to length and .75" to height
    • Fuel TankOptional 7 Gal with fuel gauge and low fuel shut off sensor
    • Coolers (Engine & Compression)Integrated
    • Throttle Control2-speed throttle, responds to air demand
    • Cold Climate KitOptional 120V, tested to -40-degrees C with optional 12V inverter for vehicle tie-in
    • ControllerEasy to use digital control, with user adjustable parameters. Remote mountable standard.
    • BatteryInternal with integrated jump start/vehicle tie-in point.
    • Fuel SavingsStandard adjustable automatic shutdown with cold weather automated start-up


    “The Raptair was a pleasure to install. Easy to mount, easy to attach the fuel tank, and the best part is the straight-forward start-up. You turn it to on, it does its system check and then you press the enter button. No glow plugs or complicated procedures to follow.” ----Joey Stagl, Installer Dickinson Truck Equipment, North Dakota

    "The Raptair is awesome! From its sharp appearance to the huge volume of air it produces I can't say enough good things about it. It's quiet, has incredible output, and its advanced features make it a pleasure to operate. I'll be suggesting this compressor to all my customers." ----Kurt Wanner, Owner Dickinson Truck Equipment, North Dakota

    "It delivers good power, and it's basically unstoppable! Turn it on, start it, do your job, shut it off - it's a no-brainer. You can't compare it to a reciprocating compressor because they're like apples and oranges - completely different. The Raptair is way more efficient. I get twice the work done in half the time. They call it 'The Beast', but I don't know...if it had legs I'd probably be out of work!" ----Kade Van Shaik Highway Tire, Nanaimo, British Columbia

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