New VMAC PREDATAIR Hydraulic Compressor Sales Tools

VMAC’s marketing team is pleased to share new marketing materials for the PREDATAIR hydraulic drive rotary screw air compressor. We have developed new value propositions, sales training and a brochure for the PREDATAIR. These tools will help you educate your customers on the unique benefits of the PREDATAIR and how it performs better than other leading brands.

Predatair Hydraulic Air Compressor


The VMAC PREDATAIR Hydraulic Drive Air Compressor is a hydraulic driven deck mounted rotary screw air compressor built for the modern work truck that is SMARTER, SMALLER, STRONGER, than other leading brands.

SMARTER – The VMAC PREDATAIR is easy to operate. How easy? Simply press the on/off button on the digital display box. The control system will take care of the rest! The display will show the system status and if something isn’t right, it will tell you. When you stop using air for any reason, the PREDATAIR goes into Standby Mode. This means essentially it is off, but ready to start up automatically the moment you need air.

SMALLER – When space is at a premium and weight savings is a priority, the choice of upfitters is the VMAC PREDATAIR; the smallest and lightest hydraulic deck mount compressor available.

STRONGER – The VMAC PREDATAIR is designed to work in the most extreme climate conditions, with built-in protection against extreme climate to operate anywhere you work. VMAC offers two models that provide a CFM range of 25-60 CFM of continuous air output at 100% duty cycle.


VMAC PREDATAIR Value Propositions


Decrease GVW by 260lbs.

Every pound matters on your work truck. VMAC’s lightweight rotary screw hydraulic driven air compressor cuts down on vehicle weight, by as much as 260lbs. With an extra 260lbs of GVW available, your truck will be able to carry more materials, equipment, or passengers.

Save up to 5% in fuel.

Optimize your fleet with the lightest hydraulic deck mount air compressor in its class. By reducing your GVW by as much as 260lbs, you’ll save up to 5% in fuel costs.

Free up 6ft3 on your truck body.

Get a powerful air compressor that is big on space savings. VMAC’s compact rotary screw air compressor has a footprint 6 cubic feet smaller than comparable products which helps make room for hauling more tools, equipment and materials.



The PREDATAIR sales training will familiarize anyone in your organization with how the PREDATAIR hydraulic rotary screw air compressor system works, what applications it is suited for, why it is better than its competitive brands, and any accessories your customer might be interested in purchasing with it.

The training goes into depth about the advantages of the machine: it’s size, weight, ease-of-use, and climate controls that keep the system safe in extreme heat and cold. It is designed to make your sales team feel confident talking about and selling the PREDATAIR against competitive brands.

Register and attend the training 24/7 by visiting If you have previously registered for the G30 Sales Training, you will use that same login info.  If you have not already registered, you will need to register by creating your own VMAC training Username and Password. This is different than your company’s Dealer login.


We have created a new brochure to illustrate our value propositions, which will serve as a strong tool for you to sell the PREDATAIR based on its unique strengths: size, weight, and ease-of-use. These are strong product differentiators to competitive products and offer exceptional value to your customer.

In addition to the value propositions, the brochure illustrates the machine’s components, specifications and accessories. The brochure and the value propositions can be viewed and downloaded on the PREDATAIR’s webpage.

If you have any questions about any of the content, please email us at If you’d like to place an order, please call 1-877-912-6605 or email