Become a Dealer

Interested parties must provide the following:

  1. Four trade references and appropriate credit/financial information.
  2. A business profile (if available)
  3. Current geographic area served.
  4. Anticipated brand sales volume and rationale.
  • Agree to maintain a suitable inventory at location specified.
  • Installation of VR70 demonstration unit within 90 days of signed agreement.
  • Is required to have a minimum of one installation person certified by VMAC within 90 days of signing VNET agreement.
  • Acceptance of responsibility for providing VMAC and dealers customers with technical support and processing of warranty claims.
  • Substitution, modification, deletion, misrepresentation or counterfeiting of VMAC products, it’s trademarks and/or trade names will automatically terminate this agreement.
  • VNET Dealers are requested to respect the spirit of VMAC’s Dealer program and it’s fellow members to ” Partner for Profit”. Our semi-exclusive dealer program is intended to enable the network to market VMAC products profitably while at the same time being competitive in their chosen markets.
  • VNET Dealers will respect all current VMAC sales and service policies.